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pretty cake recipes

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pretty birthday cakes

Here’s a tip for using flowers as a cake Flowers – place a bouquet of white lilies, beautifully molded with gum paste or a bouquet of real orchids on top of the cake and then add a few around the cake (using flower spikes), some pretty borders, and you’ll have an amazingly beautiful cake. And there you have a very easy birthday cake that doesn’t even need to be cut! Two licorice antennae are a good touch as well! You can add icing shoes if you like, just blobs at the end of each leg, but this isn’t necessary.
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Pretty Birthday Cake Design
For legs, you will need to cut strips of red or black licorice into 3″ lengths and add 2 per cupcake, lying on the tray. The caterpillar’s head will need eyes which can be made with chocolate circles and a dab of white icing. You can ice them any way you wish, each cupcake a different color, or all the same with letters spelling out the birthday child’s name, or even with spots made of candies! On a big tray, arrange the cupcakes in an undulating line to form the body of the caterpillar.
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Pretty Birthday Cake  Ideas

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beautiful  birthday cakes
Although you can use muffin papers, you will need to remove them before you finish the cake. You need one muffin for each guest, so if you have invited six children and their mothers, you will need 14 cupcakes. Instead of using cake pans, you will bake the cake batter in muffin tins.  This is best for the younger set and it is super easy to make.