17th Birthday Party Ideas

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17th birthday cake 17th Birthday Party Ideas

17th birthday cake

When purchasing your Justin Bieber party supplies, you might want to consider The 16th candle is reserved for a significant male, such as a boyfriend or very good friend. Candle 15 is for her best friend. Candles 7-14 are for special friends. At any time the honoree can tell a story about the individual she is lighting a candle for, or say why they are special to her.
17th birthday ideas 300x199 17th Birthday Party Ideas

17th birthday ideas
Candles 3, 4, 5 and 6 are for the remaining family friends. If she is an only child, then this candle can represent her grandparents. The second candle is for brothers and sisters. The first candle is for the girl’s parents.
17th birthday party ideas 300x204 17th Birthday Party Ideas

17th birthday party ideas
The birthday girl could light her first candle from one large candle that symbolizes her parents or family. Choose 16 tapers to set out on a table in pretty votive cups. This way no one will leave wet foot prints across your carpet. If you wish to have guests remove their shoes then post a sign asking them to do so and provide a space for them to put their shoes.
17th birthday quotes 17th Birthday Party Ideas

17th birthday quotes

18th birthday party ideas 300x194 17th Birthday Party Ideas

18th birthday party ideas
You will want to accommodate guests when they arrive by having a place for hats, coats, gloves and boots or wet shoes. You should have a general party area and make sure everyone knows that this is the party space and the rest of the house is off limits. If going outside is not possible, then you need to really plan out the party. You can build a snow fort, a snow man or go sledding.
 17th Birthday Party Ideas

child birthday party
Tell parents to make sure their child dresses warmly.  If the weather outside is not too terribly cold and there is snow on the ground,, then going outside can be a fun birthday activity.

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