50 Years Birthday Cake

Posted on 27th July 2011 in Birthday Cake

novelty 50th birthday cakes 50 Years Birthday Cake

novelty 50th birthday cakes

The guest list must include all the friends and family that make his life fun. If your car cake is red then carry this color over to the balloons and also the invitations. Once again this kind of cake would usually be made by a specialist cake maker.

Birthday Cake For 50 Years 50 Years Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake For 50 Years

50th Birthday Cake Ideas 50 Years Birthday Cake

50th Birthday Cake Ideas

 You may not be able to give him an actual Ferrari or Lamborghini but you can make his day by presenting him with a special cake. Another favorite cake for dad is a cake in the shape of his most coveted car. With a third of my life over, I don’t want to waste precious days in front of the television or grumbling about things I can’t change. I’m actually a little disappointed at the end of each day if I don’t connect with someone who means something to me (even if it’s just the plants in my yard because my grandma taught me their alive). Specialty restaurant stores, and maybe even your local party store will have the right cake pans to pull off this cake.

50 years birthday cake 50 Years Birthday Cake

50 years birthday cake

 For the tamer at heart, a lovely double cake in the shapes of a five and a zero would make a stunning showstopper. It would be fun to find cake toppers in different age stages to place along a path going up one side of the hill and down the other. With a little imagination and quite a bit of brown and green icing it should be too difficult to create. So, why not a hill shaped cake?  50th birthday party would be complete without the old cliché about being over the hill.

50 birthday quotes 300x296 50 Years Birthday Cake

50 birthday quotes

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